Thu March 03, 2011 By: Abhin M-sabu

hello sir, how can i find antiderivative

Expert Reply
Wed March 02, 2011

 Dear Student,

  1. Identify each term of the polynomial

    Term 1: 8x^3
    Term 2: 4x
    Term 3: 15 (can also be written as 15x^0)
  2. Raise the exponent of each term by 1 degree

    Term 1: 8x^4
    Term 2: 4x^2
    Term 3: 15x
  3. Divide the coefficient of each term by the new exponential degree and add + c. c stand for a constant which is unknown unless we have more information

    Term 1: 2x^4
    Term 2: 2x^2
    Term 3: 15x

    So the antiderivative would be 2x^4 + 2x^2 - 15x + c


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