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Find the squre root of 4.5 geometrically.

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Sun September 23, 2012

To draw square root of 4.5 on a number line, following steps are to be followed.


Step 1: Draw a number line. Mark O as the zero on the number line.

Step 2: Mark a point A as -4.5 on the number line.

Step 3: Mark a point C as 1 on the number line.

Step 4: Mark a point B as the mid-point of AC.

Step 5: With point B as the centre and radius as AB draw a semicircle.

Step 6: From O draw a perpendicular line to the number line that intersects the previous drawn semi-circle at D. Here OD = square root of 4.5.

Step 7: With O as centre and radius as OD, draw an arc that intersects the number line at point E. Here E is the point square root of 4.5 on the number line.

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