Sat February 04, 2012 By: Achyuth Murlei
Please explain in deep deep detail, about:

Einstein Theory....

Expert Reply
Mon February 06, 2012
1) The General Relativity Theory, ::: This theory, referred to as the General Theory of Relativity, proposed that matter causes space to curve For example: The large ball will cause a deformation in the sheet's surface. A baseball dropped onto the sheet will roll toward the bowling ball. Einstein theorized that smaller masses travel toward larger masses not because they are "attracted" by a mysterious force, but because the smaller objects travel through space that is warped by the larger object. Physicists illustrate this idea using embedding diagrams. 2.Special Relativity::: According to this theory the motion of a particle has to be described relative to an inertial frame in which the particle, not subjected to external forces, will move at a constant velocity in a straight line. Two inertial frames are related in that they move in a fixed direction at a constant speed with respect to each other. Time in the frames differs by a constant and all times can be described relative to an absolute time.
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