Wed June 06, 2012 By: Jaideepsingh

difference between breathing and respiration?

Expert Reply
Thu June 07, 2012

Breathing is a constant process where you breathe in oxygen and expel out carbon dioxide constantly throughout the day. Respiration is a process where the body uses the oxygen to break down glucose and release energy, so that the cells in the body can use it. Carbon dioxide and water are produced during respiration.

Breathing is a biophysical process whereas respiration is a biochemical process.

During breathing, oxygen is taken into the lungs whereas during respiration, oxygen is taken from the lungs into the blood stream or to the cells.

Breathing is an exchange of gases between cells and the external environment whereas respiration is a process that takes place in the cells.

Breathing is a voluntary action whereas respiration is an involuntary action. Breathing can be controlled whereas respiration cannot be controlled.

During respiration, ATP is produced whereas no ATP is produced during breathing.


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