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Anil and Raju are friends.Anil is an arts student and Raju is a science student.Anil observed that while bathing foam is formed with difficulty and an insoluble substance remains sticking to the body even after washing withh water.He shared his difficulty with Raju and now his problem was solved.Now he takes bathh comfortably. (a)what did raju advise anil (b)what value is shown byanil and raju

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Fri February 15, 2013
(a) Soaps when used with hard water does not lather or produce foam easily because of the formation of a curdy precipitate or scum. This scum is created when soaps react with the calcium and magnesium ions present in hard water.
So, in the case discussed in the question, Anil faced the same problem while bathing because he was using hard water so there was no formation of foam and the scum was stciking to his body. Raju advised him to use soft water instead of hard water since soft water easily forms lather with soaps since soft water doesn't have any calcium and magnesium ions.
(b) Values associated: Care, concern for your close ones; application of knowledge of science in our daily life to help others.
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