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A student throws a small sized stone with a high speed on a window pane made up of glass . The window pane brakes and a hole is created in the window pane where the stone stuck the window pane. Another student justifies the above incident by saying that "The window pane broke because Of inertia. The fast moving stone struck the window at a particular point.Due to this the force is exerted on the window pane at that point. Therefore at the point of acion of stone on the window pane,all the particles of the glass come in motion whereas the remaining particles of the window pane tend to remain at rest,due to ineria .And for this reason the whole is made in the window pane where the stone struck it." Explain whether the justification given by the student is correct or not

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Tue October 09, 2012
The justification is correct. A small stone moving at high speed on hitting the window brings that portion of the window in inertia of motion whereas its neighboring portion remains in inertia of rest.
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