Sat March 03, 2012 By: Palak Saxena

2 electrically charged particles having charges of different magnitude when placed at a dist, 'd' from each other experience a force of attraction 'F'. these 2 particles are put in contact n ahain placed at the same distance from each other. what is the nature of force between them now? please answer in detail , with explanation. thank you.

Expert Reply
Sun March 04, 2012
The nature of force between them will repulsive .  if the particles are identical , then after contact they both will have same natue and of same magnitude of charge and that will be half of the net charge on the system initially.If the net charge was -10 , then both will hve -5 and -5 .If net charge was +10 , they both will have +5 and +5 and still they repel.
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